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How long do you play for?


We play for 2 hours. With a usual 15 - 20 minutes break in the middle for the hotel to serve food & teas etc.




What time do you start?


This is really down to you! As soon as the speeches are over, we’ll be in the room setting up. Usual start time is between 9 and 10.




How long does it take you to set up?


Our setup takes us 45 minutes




When do you setup?


We setup straight after the dinner/speeches.




What time will you arrive?


We always arrive 60 minutes before our setup time. This allows us enough time to transport our equipment, talk to hotel staff about times etc and it lets us be prepared for dinner/speeches to end.




Will the music be too loud?


This is one of the most important aspects of our setup, making sure that the music isn’t too loud! We prefer to have the music at a comfortable volume on the dancefloor but also allow the people at the bar to have a conversation without shouting!




Have you a lighting system?


We have invested in a professional lighting rig, which illuminates the band and draws people to the dance floor, along with the stage, the dance floor will have moving lights, creating a great atmosphere on the floor.




Would the band play our first dance?


The Gamblers have no problem learning any song you would choose for your first dance. Some couples prefer listening to the original version, if so; we can play the CD of the track though our PA system.




Can people request songs during the night & do you allow singers up with you?


We would try and accommodate your guest’s requests as much as possible; usually we wouldn’t allow singers during the wedding because they usually take the momentum out of the night. If you’d like a singer to perform, this can be arranged before the night.




Would the band be able to play traditional Irish music for set dancers?


We could gladly add a LIVE traditional set during the night for set dancers, Irish dancers or just for a bit of craic.




Could you provide the DJ service also?


We can indeed, 2 members of the band can stay and play the DJ set and the main advantage of using our DJ service is that the music doesn’t stop!! As soon as the band finishes, the DJ set starts!




Most importantly! How much does it cost?


You can contact Billy on 0874171477 and he will gladly quote you!

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